Tahana Lee

Self Love & Body Positivity Queen | Brand Ambassador | Blogger (Hello Beautiful), Influencer, Mum of One

This bombshell is a 30-something solo mother from Brisbane. Tahana is the self love coach every woman needs. She is passionate about women's health, specifically surrounding self love, self care, self worth and body positivity, always aiming to ensure her followers know their worth, are happy and are living the life they deserve. Through sharing her own journey of solo mother hood, her self love discovery, health struggles and life’s ups and downs, Tahana is one of the most relatable women on Instagram and has engaged and loyal following of over 13k.

She loves to travel and explore the world with her three year old son, Achilles and is a strong advocate for kind parenting. If you’re looking for a mum to empower your clientele, Tahana Lee is your girl.



Kind heart, strong mind, patient soul
— Tahana Lee


Instagram: @tahanalee

Following: 13.6k


Hair: Brunette

Eye colour: Brown

Height: 166cm

Shoe: 8