Sarah Male

Gold Coast Personal Trainer, Founder of The Mummy Trainer, Mum of Two

‘The Mummy Trainer’ is our resident fitness expert here at the Mum Network. A specialist in Postnatal and Pregnancy training, Sarah has grown a reputation for tailoring amazing programs to the Mums she works with. Sarah boasts celebrity clients who have had success under her watch and has the confidence and capability to deliver for big fitness brands. The Mummy Trainer has become an online platform as well, which provides safe and effective workouts across the country and worldwide so Sarah can broaden her reach. If you are looking for an ambassador with professional delivery and poise in front of the camera then look no further than Sarah.



Logic will take you from A to B, imagination will take you everywhere.
— Albert Einstein


Instagram: @the.mummy.trainer

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Hair: Blonde

Eye colour: Blue

Height: cm

Shoe: 8