Sally Harding

Founder of SA Mums in Business, Mum of two

Flying the flag for South Australia, Sally is our Adelaide-based entrepreneurial mum! After the recent launch of SA Mums in Business, where she connects local mums and their businesses together through an array of networking events– Sally has been finding the balance between her brand and her babies. She is unfiltered in her approach and is striving to build an entrepreneurial community that supports one another, much like Mum Network. She is a great ambassador for brands because she knows what they are looking for from a content building perspective, and can work towards providing a strong return on investment for them. South Australia is a key demographic that companies are going to be happy they cashed in on!

On top of all of this, she’s also extremely passionate about fitness, and avidly shares her fitness journey, workout tips and what well being means to her - it’s not only the physical effort in the gym, but through nourishing her heart with family time, and her mental health with time for herself.



Comparison is the thief of joy.
— Theodore Roosevelt


Instagram: @_sallyharding

Following: 5.7k


Hair: Brunette

Eye colour: Brown

Height: 170cm

Shoe: 7.5