Love Rosie Interview Series - Jillian Whiting


For our readers, can you please give some insight as to who you are and what you do?

 I’m a journalist, TV presenter with Channel 7, business owner and a mother of 2 girls (11 and 13). My business, Media Potential,  is a communications company that specialises in media and presentation skills and TV presenting courses.


What is your favourite part of being a mum?

 I love spending time with my girls, whether it’s watching them play sport or music or just cooking at home. It’s when you forget about the ‘parenting’ bit and enjoy them for who they are… funny and curious people with such an exciting future ahead of them.


What is the best parenting advice you’ve received?

 Keep them busy so they have no time to get into trouble. Idle hands… as they say…


Kids are always a huge motivation in life, aside from your child/children what has been yourbiggest motivation to achieve success?

 Success means different things to different people. I see success as a happy family. I could work more, take on bigger roles, but having balance and being around for my girls is more important right now. However, it’s also important to me that they see me working and achieving my own goals.  That’s also a big motivator. It’s a tricky balance between work and family but mostly I think I’m getting it right.


There is so much information out there about business, what are some points you live by with your brand?

 There’s a lot of BS in TV and PR. We are passionate about cutting through all of that to deliver valuable, honest and supportive advice. Our clients put their trust in us to help guide them through what can be a terrifying experience, so it’s also important to me and my business partner, Suzanne Stark that we deliver practical advice that helps them discover and develop their personal strengths. It also can’t be an ordeal… we make sure the workshops are at least at little fun.


What practical tips could you give to our Mums out there who are thinking of turning a passion into a plan?

 There is no rush. Sometimes the best plans take time to execute. Especially if it’s a new skill or industry you’ve chosen. Also – it’s ok not to be perfect. Nobody is.


What is the most rewarding thing for you in what you do?

 It’s incredible to see the end result. We have clients who regularly appear in the media and have become wonderful talent.   Just this week I received an email from a young journalist we worked with a few years ago and he let us know we had “a profound impact” on his life and career.  He’s an absolute star. That was THE best.


For our readers, where is the best places they can go to find you and find out more?

We do so many different kinds of coaching – voice – public speaking – TV - Keynotes – crisis management… It’s probably best to check us out online: