Laura Thoms

Blogger (Tiny Thoms), Mum of Two

Laura is a young mum living in Perth who has garnered a loyal following by writing for her blog Tiny Thoms. She shares health & fitness tips, reviews products she loves, and candidly delves into life as a young mum. She isn’t shy about exposing her true self to the world (making her the ultimate relatable mum!), whether it be through sharing insecurities during her breastfeeding journey, or the difficulties of living far away from family. With a wide array of passions from living an outdoor lifestyle to how to give back to your community, she is an ideal influencer for those wanting to tap into the younger market.



Do good and good will come to you
— Unknown


Instagram: @tinythoms

Following: 10.4k


Hair: Dark Blonde

Eye colour: Green

Height: 163cm

Shoe: 8