Kirsty McKenzie

Founder of The Mummysomniac, Author, Mum of Three

Kirsty is a mum of three little girls, and founder of the blog ’The Mummysomniac’. Kirsty started her blog in late 2015 as a way of documenting life with small children, and quickly developed a passion for writing and sharing her stories in an open, honest, and truly genuine way. 2017 saw Kirsty not only welcome her third daughter, but achieve some of her many personal goals such as becoming a published writer, with many of her pieces reaching a worldwide, 'viral' status on social media. More recently in 2018, Kirsty released her first children’s book ‘Lucinda and the Monsters’. Kirsty has many topics of passion including mental health after her own experience with Post Natal Depression, Cesarean birth, body image and acceptance, and breaking stigmas attached to modern day parenthood.

Above all, the underlying premise of all that Kirsty does is honesty and authenticity.

Delve into Kirsty’s authentic, unfiltered blog The Mummysomniac here.



And though she be but little, she is fierce
— William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night's Dream


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Hair: Brunette

Eye colour: Green

Height: 157cm

Shoe: 6.5/7w