Kalinda Salla

Pharmacist, Influencer, Mum of One

When it comes to natural beauty, Kalinda Salla is the definition. This green eyed mother of one is a beautiful person inside and out – her warm nature and radiant smile are huge assets for brands looking to appeal to a consumer base who are demanding authenticity. Kalinda is active and healthy in her lifestyle and has kept herself in peak shape after having her young son.

Kalinda rose to fame after stealing the spotlight at the Brownlow Medal in 2018; her white dress on the red carpet turned heads and she shined in her media interviews and surrounding press both in the lead up to the award ceremony and afterward. During the night, she was positively received by journalists, and the social media audience at home were left commenting on her composure in front of camera and her natural beauty amidst all the over the top glamour. Kalinda wants to help mums know their worth and support our network with her positivity and lust for life. A degree qualified Pharmacist, she has discipline and maturity well beyond her years. If you are a brand looking for an Influencer who ticks all the boxes, then look no further than Kalinda.



Life is short so make sure you enjoy every moment and live your life to the fullest. Look in the mirror each day and remember that nothing is holding you back from doing this apart from you.
— Kalinda Salla


Instagram: kalindasalla

Following: 5.3k


Hair: Brown

Eye colour: Green

Height: 170cm

Shoe: 8.5