Jessica Hood

Mum of 4

Jessica is a mum who says what we are all thinking! Completely relatable and adored by her followers, she has focused on Mental Health and being a true voice for what the mums out there are going through. Full proof that life begins at 30, Jessica has joined the network to keep the growth of her profile going and to continue to work with brands and customise awesome content for them. As a mental health advocate with her own personal journey to a happy head and heart, she’s helped many women overcome and confront their own mental health issues, as well as bring awareness to post natal depression in particular.

She is known for her relatable look into motherhood, and you will most certainly not see #filters on this girl’s page! She is as real as they come and a breath of fresh air to all women out there.




She found when she mothered her own way , she mothered her best way .
— January Harsh


Instagram: houseofhoods_

Following: 22.2k


Hair: Blonde

Eye colour: Blue

Height. 175cm

Shoe: 10/11



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