Personal Trainer, IVF Success Story, Mum of Three

Our Perth based Influencer Grecian is an IVF advocate after her twins Hannah and Riley were born (at 25 weeks) via the treatments in what she describes as a miracle. She gave them both the best chance of survival by giving birth so early, but Riley arrived weighing a tiny 515 g and Hanna 930g.

As a tribe of 5, she has built her social media following around their story. Grecian in her time at Mum Network is off to a great start, working with a much loved client of ours in YouFoodz. She is now extremely passionate about sharing her journey of secondary infertility, IVF, IUGR, micropreemie twins, NICU, anxiety/Postnatal Depression and life as a mum, which has garnered her a strong and loyal following. For a brand looking for some ‘real talk’ look no further than securing Grecian for your next campaign.



I am all for mums supporting mums, body positivity and learning to love yourself.
— Grecian


Instagram: @growing_our_tribe

Following: 14k


Hair: Brunette

Eye colour: Blue

Height: 165cm

Shoe: 7