Brooke Harth

Owner of Heavenly Graze, Mum of One

Based on the Sunshine Coast, Brooke really is a ray of sunshine herself. A young motivated Mum with some businesses under her belt that is highly motivated to get the most out of her life. Brooke has worked with established brands like Koala and is continuing to thrive as an Influencer. She produces aesthetically pleasing content which is raw and true to herself. With an entrepreneurial mind, Brooke makes a fantastic adversary for brands because she thinks like a business owner when she builds her content and this allows her to capitalise and generate a return on investment for her customers.



Listening to your motherly instincts is the most pure form of love you can give your child.
— Brooke Harth


Instagram: @itsbrookeharth

Following: 19.2k


Hair: Blonde

Eye colour: Brown

Height: 165cm

Shoe: 7