Alice Bingham

Alice in Healthyland, Nurse, Mum of Three, Founder @nourishedmummyproject and @aliceinessentialoilland

Alice is a young Mum who is balancing it all with her young family. A nurse, but also a business woman, Alice has built herself the Nourished Mummy Project – an app that centralizes recipes for pregnancy and mums. Alice In Healthyland was originally created in 2014, to share Alice’s weight loss journey, as pre pregnancy she had lost 20kg and used the page as a motivation to continue her healthy journey. However since having her babies Cruz (her toddler) and Winter Rose (her baby), her health journey has evolved far beyond what she had originally set it out to be. Health is so much more to her than just a number on the scales - in fact, she threw her scales out altogether. Her journey is now about mindfulness, self love, creating delicious healthy food, love, family, friendships and happiness.

After years of putting out quality content, she has built up a loyal and engaged following who check in to see her get through #mumlife with a touch of class and fun to what she does. Not afraid to be real and open, Alice is the perfect ambassador for a brand who is looking for someone to show loyalty and experience well beyond her years.



Above all, be true to yourself, and if you cannot put your heart in it, take yourself out of it.
— Hardy D. Jackson


Instagram: @Aliceinhealthyland

Following: 40.1k


Hair: Blonde

Eye colour: Blue

Height: cm

Shoe: 7.5



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